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BlueParrott Wireless Headset Solutions

Engineered for superior communication in high-noise environments

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How our headsets combat high-noise environments

Wireless benefits

Busy workers who need to talk to customers and colleagues within high-noise environments need an industry-leading, noise cancelling, wireless Bluetooth® headset for superior communication on-the-go.

Work better in complex environments

Wireless Bluetooth® headsets offer the mobility to complete tasks faster, using both hands to focus on the job or easily communicate with colleagues who sit in different departments.

Boost customer satisfaction

For certain environments, workers will be customer facing and may need to know information to questions they can’t answer themselves. Wireless headsets that have push-to-talk capabilities can help improve customer satisfaction more efficiently and discreetly.

Enjoy superior communication

Advanced noise cancelling technology ensures great sounding calls for your teams and customers no matter how loud the environment.

Why Choose BlueParrott

BlueParrott has been producing industry-leading sound solutions for almost 30 years, serving the professional driving community with the highest levels of noise cancellation, comfort and durability. Now BlueParrott brings this expertise to a new collection of work settings, engineering headsets with features that will enhance productivity in professional locales that require more than your standard office.

Please talk to your BlueParrott Account Manager or partner to see how your organization could benefit from moving to BlueParrott wireless headsets.

Stay connected in high-noise environments with BlueParrott headsets

The BlueParrott Series
Engineered for superior communication in high-noise environments

BlueParrott is a leader in intelligent, noisecancelling audio solutions. We engineer the world’s best microphones and combine them with unrivaled noise-cancelling technology to deliver superior call quality in high-noise environments.

  • Long lasting with up to 24 hours talk time
  • Experience superior connectivity with range up to 300ft / 100m
  • Customizable Parrott Button™
  • Hands-free access with VoiceControl™
  • Multipoint pairing allows teams to seamlessly switch between two simultaneously connected devices.
  • Durable and comfortable

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Supported devices:

Smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth enabled laptops/ computers and Bluetooth enabled handheld scanners.

C300-XT C400-XT B450-XT B550-XT
Noise Cancellation % 80% 96% 96% 96%
Talk Time 10+ hours 24+ hours 24+ hours 24+ hours
Standby Time 320 hours (13 days) 500 hours (20 days) 500 hours (20 days) 400 hours (16 days)
Bluetooth Version 5.0 Version 4.1 Version 5.0 Version 5.0
Range Up to 300ft/100m Up to 300ft/100m Up to 300ft/100m Up to 300ft/100m
Voice Control™ Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parrott Button™ Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connectivity 2 simultaneous 2 simultaneous (8 stored) 2 simultaneous 2 simultaneous
Wearing Style Convertible Convertible Over head Over head
Headset Weight 2.52oz/71g 1.95oz/55g 5.7oz/161g 5.8oz/165g
NFC Pairing Internal NFC Internal NFC Internal NFC Internal NFC
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year

*Near Field Communication

Why is noise cancellation important to your business?

Work environments are becoming more demanding

Employees are expected to maintain a high level of productivity in the workplace. But if that workplace is a high-noise environment, then communication and collaboration with colleagues can prove difficult.

Safety regulations in the workplace are getting tougher

Workers in high-noise environments are often faced with challenging regulations in the workplace, indicating that easy, hands-free group communication is of the utmost importance.

Noisy workplaces can hinder conversation quality

High-noise work environments can be intense. Working in close proximity to high-noise can be distracting and disruptive and therefore difficult to work on-the-go.

Not just colleague interruptions

Most workers are faced with colleague interruptions in the workplace that impact productivity but workers in high-noise environments are also faced with interruptions from the equipment or their unconventional surroundings.

Did you know?

78% of workers state that noise and interruptions negatively impact their productivity.