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How do I pair my BlueParrott B250-XT headset to my cell phone?

Please make sure that you have already placed the headset on the charger for at least 12 full, uninterrupted hours before proceeding. This is for the first time pairing.

The first step in the Pairing process is to make sure the headset is powered off. There will be no flashing lights on the headset.

To power off, press and hold the Multi-Function button until you hear two descending tones in the receiver. There should be no flashing lights on the headset. Monitor the headset for at least ten seconds to ensure that there are no lights flashing.

Next, place the headset in Pairing Mode. Press and hold in the Multi-Function button until you hear a total of 6 ascending tones (two ascending tones, followed by four more additional tones). The Multi-Function button should now be flashing Alternating Red and Blue. The headset is now in Pairing Mode.

Next, go to the Bluetooth feature on your cell phone and select Search for Device or Add New Device to begin searching for the headset. When Bluetooth devices are discovered, your cell phone should show available devices.

Select the item labeled as the BlueParrott B250-XT headset you are pairing to this phone and press the selection button on your cell phone to pair the B250-XT headset to your cell phone.

You may be prompted to enter in a “Pass Key Code” on your phone, which is 0000. Enter this code and you should see an indication that the Bluetooth has identified the Headset and connected to it. If there is a prompt to connect to the Headset, press Yes.

Once connected, the lights on the headset will now turn to a single flashing blue light, which flashes every second or so.

You are now ready to make or take a call.

NOTE: There are many different cellular phones on the market and is not practical to try and detail pairing instructions for every cell phone on this site. Each phone may have different menus, settings, and paths necessary to establish the Bluetooth connection to your headset.