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Parrott ButtonTM

With the Parrott Button you can customize your headset by choosing the operation that suits you best. The headset is configured out-of-the-box with the Parrott Button configured to mute, and will mute the microphone while both off or on a call.

Programing is performed using the BlueParrott MySay application that you download to your Android or iOS based cell phone, (or on your computer using the BlueParrott Updater program). Once the BlueParrott MySay application is installed and your headset is paired to your cell phone, you are ready to program your Parrott Button.

Step #1

Launch the BlueParrott MySay application. Select “Customize Parrott Button” from the Menu:

Step #2

Select the feature you would like to use for the Parrott Button. Select the feature by pressing on the item you would like to configure the Parrott Button to. When an operation is selected, you will be greeted with a confirmation pop-up. Selecting “Confirm Customization” will program the Parrott Button to that function.

Configuring Parrott Button Modes

Mode: Mute Set Up

In mute mode, the microphone is muted once the Parrott Button is pressed (an audible beep will be heard from the headset when selected, then once every 10 seconds while on mute). When the Parrott Button is pressed a second time, the microphone will unmute. Mute will function both while on a call and not on an active call.

Mode: Speed Dial Set Up

Speed dial gives you easy access to any number from your phone book. Once programmed, when pressed, the Parrott Button will dial the programmed number from any phone your headset it’s used with. It is not limited to the device that it was configured with.

Note: when on an active call, the Parrott Button will function as mute.

Mode: PushToTalk Set Up

Configure the Parrott Button with PushToTalk or other partner integrated applications. When this option is selected and the push to talk application is open, press and hold the Parrott Button to open the communication channel and talk.

Note: The Parrott Button will not function as a mute when this option is selected. To mute, press and hold the Volume + button for 1-2 seconds.

Repeat to unmute.

Mode: Launch an Application

Allows you to launch an application of your choice from your headset simply by pressing the Parrott Button on your headset. This easy access makes your favorite application that much easier to access when you are on the go.

Note: When on an active call, the Parrott Button will function as mute.