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BlueParrott headsets are integrated for use with Zebra Workforce Connect

BlueParrott is the first brand of Bluetooth headsets to integrate with Zebra’s Workforce Connect software, enabling hands-free and heads-up communication to enhance productivity of frontline workers.

Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Pro allows users to turn their Zebra mobile computers, or any Android or iOS mobile device into a fully-featured walkie talkie, which offers one-to-one and site-to-site group PTT and ensures secure text messaging with in-transit encryption and multi-media support. The BlueParrott Parrott Button™ will initiate PTT calls and text messaging through voice command, delivering one touch communication. Workers hear PTT voice messages from colleagues hands-free, without having to take out their mobile device.

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Zebra Workforce Connect integration works today with BlueParrott C300-XT, C400-XT, B350-XT, B450-XT and B550-XT. The BlueParrott headsets will work with Zebra Workforce Connect out of the box when users have the WFC app installed on their Android mobile device.

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