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About Us

Engineered for superior communication in high-noise environments

We’re leaders in intelligent, noise cancelling audio solutions. When you engineer world-class microphones, and combine them with unrivalled noise-cancelling technology, you get BlueParrott — headsets that deliver superior call quality in high-noise environments.

For over 25 years, BlueParrott has served professional drivers and enterprise workers just like you. Building on the legacy of VXi’s expertise with mobile devices, our solutions are crafted to deliver the highest levels of noise cancellation, comfort and durability.

With headquarters in Dover, New Hampshire, our products are sold, supported and loved throughout the world. And even after all these years, we continue to be the #1 headset choice for professional drivers in North America.*

BlueParrott Milestones

Our story is the story of one breakthrough after another.

By the end of 2019, BlueParrott is relied on by over 3.7 million professionals worldwide.

BlueParrott launches the C300-XT. This new enterprise product leverages leading noise cancellation technology in a compact and versatile form factor for demanding workplaces like retail and hospitality.

BlueParrott announces an upgrade to the B350-XT: a new design and enhanced feature set to keep up with your life on the road.


BlueParrott introduces the B550-XT: the world's first 100% voice-controlled** over-the-head headset.

The BlueParrott SDK is now on the DevConnect portal — meaning developers can create their own custom experiences.

BlueParrott announces yet another Parrott ButtonTM integration with Zinc.


Business is booming after the GN acquisition.

BlueParrott launches the C400-XT: delivering the all-important BlueParrott noise cancellation with a range of wearing styles for the mobile worker. The C400-XT is the first BlueParrott product to be IP54-rated in recognition of its durability.


VXi and BlueParrott brands are acquired by GN Group, a world leader in intelligent audio solutions.

VXi introduces the VR12F headset: ideal for voice-directed picking in both cold and normal industrial environments. VXi also releases the B450-XT and the S450-XT: our first stereo Bluetooth® product.


BlueParrott announces the first Parrott ButtonTM integration with Kodiak —Zello follows shortly after.


BlueParrott launches the B350-XT — featuring an industry-first programmable Parrott Button. The feature proves so popular that it later becomes a staple feature in the Bluetooth headset portfolio.


The BlueParrott App launches. The app is the ultimate companion for BlueParrott headsets and offers a range of productivity-enhancing features.


BlueParrott introduces two new Bluetooth headsets: the B250-XT+ and the Xpress™. Both knock out 94% of background noise and feature wideband audio — plus A2DP support for streaming Bluetooth audio.


BlueParrott begins working with CJS Labs of San Francisco to test and refine our noise cancellation technology. Tests reveal an industry-leading 96% noise cancellation.

The BlueParrott B250-XT wireless headset launches — and quickly becomes the #1 selling headset with professional truckers.


The BlueParrott line of Bluetooth® wireless headsets launches. The range takes off in the professional trucking market.


The very first BlueParrott headset launches at CES. It’s the B100: an office wireless headset that connects to a base station using Bluetooth. Its superior noise cancelling microphone technology acts as a gateway into high-noise workplaces.


VXi introduces Everon™ — an amplifier with new tech components that triple battery life.


VXi introduces a fourth-generation enhanced contact center headset product line — and calls it TuffSet™.


VXi supplies the Gold Series headsets to David Clark Company — who then supplies thousands of these units to NASA ground support personnel.


VXi begins developing custom headsets for NASA.


VXi is founded in Rollinsford, NH, USA to develop innovative professional telephone headsets for the contact center market. First product offering: The Gold Series telephone headset system – a lightweight, comfortable headset with superior sound quality and rugged durability.


* Based on truck stop sales data, North America

** 6th July 2018. See facts on