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How do I pair my BlueParrott Point or Reveal headset to my cell phone?

Pairing with a Phone NFC (One-Touch) Pairing

  1. Confirm that your cell phone is NFC-capable.
  2. Make sure that NFC is enabled on your cell phone.
  3. Turn the headset on.
  4. Place the NFC zone of your cell phone against the NFC zone of the headset and hold together while your cell phone registers the headset.
  5. Follow the prompts on your cell phone until it confirms pairing is successful.

Note: NFC and One-Touch Pairing are dependent on your cell phone. The size and sensitivity of your phone’s NFC zone and how to connect the headset may vary between devices.

Manual Pairing

When you turn the headset on for the first time, or if its pairing memory has been wiped clear, it will go into pairing mode automatically. If the headset has already been paired with another device, you will need to manually put it into pairing mode if you are not going to use NFC Pairing. Power on the headset, then press and hold the MFB for approximately 6 seconds until you hear the audio prompt “Discovering.” The headset will be visible for pairing to devices for 120 seconds.

Pairing to a Cell Phone

  1. Make sure that other Bluetooth devices are turned off or out of range.
  2. Place the headset into pairing mode.
  3. Put your cell phone in Bluetooth Search/Scan Mode per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Select “BlueParrott Reveal” to pair. (Passcode is “0000” if needed.)
  5. When connected, the headset will give you the voice prompt, “Your headset is connected” and the indicator light will flash blue.